From one book lover to another

The idea for Avery Faye was born when I was doing what I love most: browsing antique markets, looking for forgottent reasures and new pieces to add to my collection. Mesmerised by the timeless charm of antique jewellery, the elegant cameo brooches, intricate lockets and pendants reminded me of what I imagine my favourite literary heroines would wear.

A year later, visits to the local antique market had become my favourite part of my weekly routine, and I started crafting some pieces of my own, too. Now, Avery Faye brings a collection of pieces crafted with love and a selection of mindfully sourced, pre-loved treasures. Exploring the space where past and present meet, elegant designs and delicate details come together in treasure pieces to be worn by those who lost themselves in a fictional world, whichever one that may be.

London, city full of stories

Avery Faye was born in the picturesque city of Ghent, but in the meantime we've moved to London. A city full of history and stories yet to be told. Just like my favourite literary characters inspire me for our collections, it's the bustling city that sparks my creativity, every day.

my story

Hi! I'm Chloe, founder of Avery Faye. Born in Belgium, I followed my heart by moving to the city I fell in love with so many years ago - London. Avery Faye was born from both a curiosity and admiration for the past as well as my love for stories & literature, with the desire to create a space where like-minded bibliophiles could find little treasures that make them feel connected to their comfort character or the heroines that inspire them most.